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About Downwrite

So the idea here was simple build a simple markdown writing application. Markdown is a huge deal and all the cool tools kept getting shut down and naively, I thought, how hard can this really be? So I've had poorly designed iterations of this thing for every year on the year as one of these services got shut down. When Canvas shut down this last year, I started to get a little more serious about this idea.

During planning out some of my quarterly goals at my last job I decided to go a little more full-stack with Node and start to really work through the process of building a microservice. Since I'm never really one to learning languages and frameworks in the abstract, I decided to take up Downwrite as an excuse to build those microservice.

Writing should be easy. But as each tool, each static site builder comes and falls out of popularity or gets shut down,**markdown** remains the central and portbale format.

The goal of building Downwrite was to create a place to write and share content with that universal format; to be able to import and export in markdown, to write in markdown and share your work.


All Markdown

Downwrite lets you import markdown files, edit with markdown shortcuts and export markdown file with YAML frontmatter that you can use in your Jekyll / Gatsby / WordPress / whatever site. Markdown is a really ubiquitous format.

Share Your Work

When you write and want to share your work, select the privacy setting to make your entry public and get a URL to share. All posts are private by default.

Offline Support

Sometimes when you're working you lose connectivity, Downwrite will save a local draft of your work and let you work without a connection and suggest a draft to save when you're back online.

Why Markdown?

Markdown is probably the most efficient and universal tool for conveying syntax, semantics and structure across platforms.

Originally coined by John Gruber (Daring Fireball) it was originally conceived as a text to HTML and is the stable of static site generators, OSS and a fair amount.